29-30 November 2012: SENSOR Kick-Off Meeting Summary

The South East Neighbourhood Safe Routes (SENSoR) kick-off meeting was held in Athens on 29 and 30th November 2012.

The event was well attended with delegates from all Project Partners (Make Roads Safe Hellas, Slovak Association of Motor-Sport, KTI Institute for Transport Sciences, Automobile Association of Slovenia and Automobile Club of Moldova), and a number of organisations involved in the Project as Observers (Attikes Diadromes, State Chancellory of the Republic of Moldova, Automobile Association of Montenegro) and external experts (European Road Assessment Programme). Fig 1. Introductions from delegates at the SENSoR kick-off meeting

Attendance also included countries where activities will be undertaken as part of the SENSoR project (Automobile and Motorcycle Club of Serbia, Automobile Club of Macedonia, Automobile Club of Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Day One opened with an introductory session reviewing the SENSoR project objectives and schedule. This session also provided an opportunity for presentations from Partners and Observers covering road safety related activities and experience and specific roles and responsibilities as part of the SENSoR project. Fig 2. Anna Pitou, a SENSoR Observer, gives a presentation on the work and expertise of Attikes Diadromes

This was followed by detailed discussion on Work Package 1: Transnational project and financial management. Delegates had a round table discussion on the Subsidy Contract and Partnership Agreement, reporting periods and payment schedule, budget and schedule monitoring system, and procurement rules.

The remainder of the day was spent reviewing the deliverables and work schedule for Work Packages 3, 4 and 5, led by Work Package Leaders. Project Partners reviewed detailed Gantt charts prepared by the Lead Partner outlining the overall project schedule and detailed milestones. Fig 3: The kick-off agenda allowed networking and free discussion time

Day One was brought to a close with a demonstration from EuroRAP of the new RAP tools, including online data analysis, reporting, training and support.
Day Two opened with an overview of Work Package 2: Communications. The Lead Partner, Make Roads Safe Hellas outlined the communications deliverables and outcomes at project and Partner level. Partners discussed in detail the development of a communications strategy and brand guidelines as an early priority. Management of internal communication was also covered. Delegates reviewed the Terms of Reference for the SENSoR-ROSEE Coordination Committee (SEROC) and nominations were made for representation.
The group closed the meeting with the preparation of an action list, setting out individual project actins, responsible partner and deadline. This list, along with minutes and all presentations given during the meeting were circulated by email to all SENSoR Partners and Observers.